Cat wants owner to watch her eat

Why Does My Cat Want Me To Watch Her Eat? 7 Reasons

Have you ever noticed your cat waiting to eat until you’re sitting with them? Instead of going off and eating in private, they insist that you stay nearby, refusing meals until you’re ready to keep a watchful eye as they chow down. Cats are capable of many oddball behaviors, but this one takes the cake! … Read more

Cat eating pork

Can Cats Eat Pork? Is It Bad for Cats?

Cats are natural-born hunters and carnivores. They require a good amount of protein in their diet to stay healthy. Commercial cat kibble is typically chock-full of all the protein they need. Familiar sources include chicken, fish, and other popular meat products. But what about pork? Pork is more of a novel protein source for cats. … Read more

Cat refuses to eat wet food

Why Won’t My Cat Eat Wet Food?

Dry kibble is the go-to for most cat owners. It’s not hard to see why. Dry morsels are easier to store, don’t require much preparation, and are accessible at most grocery stores. While those dry bits can meet a cat’s nutritional needs, there are better options. Cue the wet food! Whether you buy it in … Read more

Stray cat looking for food

What To Feed Stray Cats?

Choosing to feed stray cats is admirable and deserves all the praise. Estimates say there are 60 to 100 million stray cats in the United States alone. To say that number is staggering is an understatement! Unfortunately, most of those strays are underfed. While they might not belong to anyone, feral cats are living creatures … Read more

Cat eating breakfast

What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Whether you’re someone who indulges in a feast to start the day or you prefer to keep things light, what you eat after waking up can have a considerable impact on your day moving forward. Your cat’s the same way! They appreciate … Read more

Hyperthyroid Cat

What Should I Feed a Hyperthyroid Cat?

Hyperthyroidism, also known as thyrotoxicosis, is a serious condition that affects older cats. It’s more common than feline lovers think, plaguing approximately 10 percent of cats over the age of 10. Marked by an increase in thyroid hormone production, a cat’s entire well-being rests on the diet you provide. This disease impacts your cat’s metabolism … Read more

Cat looking at the clock to see if it feeding time with its automatic cate feede

Top 5 Best Automatic Cat Feeders For Wet Food

For the most part, cats are independent and self-sufficient. Unlike dogs, cats don’t need you to be around 24 hours a day to stay happy! That said, there is one task that they can’t accomplish alone: Mealtime. Automatic cat feeders can be a lifesaver if you’re on a busy schedule. They’ll take care of portioning … Read more