Cat smelling something from a distance

How Far Can Cats Smell? Exploring A Cat’s Sense of Smell

When most people think of animals with an impeccable sense of smell, the first creature that comes to mind is a dog. While canines certainly rely on their noses for many things, they’re not the only ones with impressive olfactory senses! Cats have powerful smelling abilities, too. Open up a can of wet food or … Read more

Cat on balcony

Build a Cat Proof Balcony and Prevent your Cat from Jumping

Cats are naturally curious creatures. Even when living in the comforts of a domesticated home, cats love to explore their surroundings and enjoy the world for what it is. While that behavior is admirable in many living situations, it can be a real nail-biter in others. If you live in a high-rise condo or apartment, … Read more

cat showing his nipples

How Many Nipples Does a Cat Have?

Hey! How about a casual conversation about nipples? Cat nipples to be specific. A pretty taboo topic to talk about but, as a cat owner, there are things that you need to know about cat nipples. So without further ado, let’s arm ourselves with knowledge about nipples. Do All Cats Have Nipples? Regardless of gender, … Read more