Woman exhausted cause cat wont let her sleep at night

Why Won’t My Cat Let Me Sleep Through the Night?

Cats love daytime snoozing and can spend up to 16 hours every day sleeping. You might spot your feline friend basking in the sunlight and catching some Zs at any given point during the day. They don’t call it a “cat nap” for nothing! But despite the seemingly lazy daytime behavior, some cats come to … Read more

Cat rolling in the dirt

Why Do Cats Roll in the Dirt? 8 Common Reasons

As a whole, felines have a reputation for being on the prim and proper side. While dogs like to folic around in mud and filth, cats prefer to stay behind and spend hours grooming themselves. Serious, have you ever taken notice of how much time your cat spends licking itself? Cats devote anywhere between 30 … Read more


Why Is My Cat Drinking a Lot of Water and Meowing?

It doesn’t matter whether your cat is still a youngster or you’ve had them for years. You probably have their eating and drinking cycles down pat. You know what to expect, how much they consume, and how they behave when doing it. That’s a good thing! Understanding what’s normal for your cat can help you … Read more

Cat acting normal after throwing up

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Food But Acting Normal?

All cat owners have had to clean up feline vomit at some point. It’s never a fun job, but that’s a price for owning one of these lovable furballs. Despite its commonality, no one wants to hear that dreaded hacking sound! If you’re like most animal lovers, seeing your cat in any distress is worrying. … Read more

Cat refuses to eat wet food

Why Won’t My Cat Eat Wet Food?

Dry kibble is the go-to for most cat owners. It’s not hard to see why. Dry morsels are easier to store, don’t require much preparation, and are accessible at most grocery stores. While those dry bits can meet a cat’s nutritional needs, there are better options. Cue the wet food! Whether you buy it in … Read more

Stray cat looking for food

What To Feed Stray Cats?

Choosing to feed stray cats is admirable and deserves all the praise. Estimates say there are 60 to 100 million stray cats in the United States alone. To say that number is staggering is an understatement! Unfortunately, most of those strays are underfed. While they might not belong to anyone, feral cats are living creatures … Read more

Cat eating breakfast

What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Whether you’re someone who indulges in a feast to start the day or you prefer to keep things light, what you eat after waking up can have a considerable impact on your day moving forward. Your cat’s the same way! They appreciate … Read more


How Cold is Too Cold for Cats in a House

When winter rolls around, and the temperature starts to drop, it’s not just your human family members that need to stay warm. Your cat is susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite, too. Felines who live outside have the highest risk of problems, but even spoiled indoor cats can get too cold. It’s important to remember that … Read more

Why do cats scream when they mate

Why Do Cats Scream When They Mate?

Ever hear the intense caterwaul of cats in the middle of the night? Maybe you hear your own cat screaming in pain, so you get up and search for them immediately only to find them mating with a male cat. Whatever the case may be, this screaming and howling are perfectly normal. It sounds intense … Read more

Cat jumping from wall after surgery

How to Keep Your Cat From Jumping After Surgery

Cats are notoriously independent. It’s one of the most beloved traits these animals have! While they can be clingy and affectionate, most will go off and do their own thing instead of staying by your side every waking hour of the day. While admirable, that independent streak can cause some trouble now and again. Usually, … Read more